I’ve Shifted… :)


Change your blogrolls and all that jazz.

A Change?

The ‘Purple’ in my URL has been bothering me for a while. And I’ve been thinking of moving to a new blog with a more neutral URL.

Keep in mind, I feel very restricted when I want to change the colour/theme of the blog. 😦

[Not to mention, I actually thought I could run two different blogs [A religious/political one and a personal/lighter one] but it’s… difficult and I keep on getting torn between the two.]



Funny Convos.

[My brother and I going in the Car discussing Swine Flu]

Brother: You know I saw a Kid wearing one of those masks here for the first time.

Me: Really?

Brother: Yeah, usually I’d see the Koreans or other tourists wear it, this was a local kid.

Me: Hmmm.

Brother: I think I’ve become slightly paranoid, whenever someone sneezes I tend to move a little away.

Me: It hasn’t reached here, you don’t have to worry.

Brother: I know, but still. It’s good to take precautions. You know, you should be careful too, if anybody sneezes, just put your hand on your mouth or move away a little.

Me: Err, [laughing a little], you know I wear the Niqab right? I don’t have to do all that.

Brother: Oh. (Deep in thought) I didn’t even think about that.

Brother: You’re like, automatically protected against any diseases. That’s so cool!


The ranks of the Munaqabaat

I’ve done it. I’ve officially joined the ranks of the veiled – the Munaqabaat.

Alhamdulilah, after much thinking and much supplication to Allah that he gives me the strength to go through with this, I’ve finally taken the major step.

Unofficially I was a Niqaabi for the past two years. However, I was a non-relative Niqaabi, although I covered my face everywhere, I wouldn’t cover in front of my brother-in-laws or my [male] cousins.

I know it’s going to be difficult, considering one of my brother-in-law is staying over at our place for a while and especially when I visit Pakistan, but I’d reached a point where I felt guilty and the need to take another step up the ladder. Non-Mehram men are non-mehram after all. I’m hoping I can use Ramadan to strenghten myself in this step.

InshaAllah khayr, keep me in your du’as!

Verily, along with every hardship is relief. [5:94]

Feelings of Patriotism

I’m not sure what it is, the coming of 14th August, or my involvement in Swat Relief campaigns or the addition of numerous Pakistani friends, but I’m actually feeling a tad bit patriotic towards the Country. Especially compared to this post here that I had made a couple of months back.

Although I still wouln’t do the ‘I live and die for the Country…’ thing.

What do you do

… when 9-10 year old girls you taught at an Islamic Summer Camp start adding you on Facebook?

I mean, are kids that age even supposed to be on Facebook?

[... Not that I have a shady Facebook or anything, but still.]


Sometimes being a Woman is difficult

… especially when you feel depressed, restless and down for no particular reason. And you keep on thinking about all that chocolate in the fridge and love wallowing in self-pity.


[I have so much pending work to finish…]

Mystery Woman

I like knowing that behind the layers of clothing, the veils, the heavy black draped layers of cloth lies a Woman. A Woman with a smile, a Woman with a personality, with dreams and hopes. No one knows her except a few. Those few that she gives the privilege of knowing her, of seeing her, of being with her. Of laughing with her and sitting with her. Her eyes are a pool of mysteries, her lips curve in heldback laughter. But only those privileged enough see her and hear her laughter.

On the streets, she is unknown. Just a Woman among the many thousands of Women But what differentiates her from them is that when one looks at her, they don’t really ‘see’ her. Is it not amazing, I wonder? A Woman with so many hopes and dreams, with a life of her own, concealed to all except a few.

To the normal eye which does not hold the capability of looking beyond the apparent, she is considered a black walking figure, with no hopes and dreams. No life and no love. To them, she is concealing her femininty. How wrong they are I think, if only they were privileged enough to actually ever see her or be wither her. Or listen to her. To me, she is not but the epitome of femininty. And how could she not be? Her concealment does nothing but emphasise that she is not but a Woman.

A Woman proud yet humble. A Woman who has embraced her legacy passed down through generations starting from Eve. A Woman who works to pass it down further generations. She is everything combined in one, a Sister, a Teacher, a Mother, a Daughter, a Wife. And yet, so much more that the eye fails to see.

The so-called ‘Progressive’ of Karachi, Pakistan

Can someone point out to me what they would find attractive in this? Anything at all…

On another note, how can this be labelled ‘progressive’, when all of you do is get drunk, turn Jaahil and don’t know who you’re dancing with in the first place…



I’ve been craving pasta this whole week! I get absolutely weird cravings sometimes [Aside from chocolate]. This week it has been pasta. The images keep on forming in my head and I’m really really wanting to have some good pasta.

I was about to make some yesterday but it got a bit late and I didn’t have all the required ingredients. Tomorrow I’m having lunch out [Again! :S No matter how hard I’m trying to stay home it just doesn’t happen… okay, maybe I’m not trying hard enough] so that leaves dinner and I think I’ll be a bit full from lunch to eat heavy pasta.

I guess I’ll make it on Friday. Anyway, yeah.

Pasta is totally awesome. *drool*

PS – I’m also horribly lazy and that is why I haven’t been replying to anyones comments.

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